French Style Hair Down With Balayage


Simply put, Balayage Houston is a highlighting technique that does not use foils on the ends of your hair. Instead, your hairstylist will hand-apply color directly to your hair using a brush or sponge. Unlike standard highlights client may have to touch up her regrowth every few weeks; you can stretch it out to as long as 12 months with balayage. This is a much longer-term solution that offers the ability to match highlights without spending a fortune. Balayage highlights only last two to three days after application, but even then, your stylist will be able to match it up to the color in your hair. If you do not like the color you have been offered, apply more balayage and let it sit overnight before shampooing it out.

Several benefits make balayage the hair salon staple. It can easily match blonde highlights and brown hair and allows you to maintain an even color all day long. Because of this, it is perfect for all occasions and all types of hair. From short hair to long, straight, and curly, balayage flatters all people no matter what kind of cut they have. Balayage also offers a natural look that compliments all types of hair.

While balayage is less maintenance than traditional highlights, it still requires a good bit of time and work from the stylist. Balayage hair salon clients must first complete a shampoo and conditioner treatment that will then last between one to three hours before they are allowed to style the hair themselves. Balayage hair stylists also spend some extra time bonding the extensions and applying the pigment to the tips.

One of the main reasons that balayage has become popular is the fact that it flatters short hair. Short hair goes better with lighter colours because it is more natural looking. Balayage works the same way. This is great news for those who want to try out something new without making a big investment. It also offers a way for those with naturally dark hair to get the highlighting effect they want.

The other reason that balayage has become so popular is that it is very easy to do. It is the same as regular highlights because you only need to blow dry the hair and then apply the colour. It’s the same basic styling technique used with straightening hair. You don’t need to buy special products or do anything special with your hair to achieve the effect. You could even use a low intensity blow dryer on low if you don’t feel confident about getting the colour on.

The colour does come off Balayage fairly easily. When you blow dry the hair, any natural colour will come off with the balayage, giving you the look of thick hair. However, because it’s so soft and shiny, it can still be damaged if you’re not careful. If you use too much bleach with your balayage hair style, for instance, then it could end up looking streaky. This is a minor problem but one to keep in mind.

You can add a touch of class to your balayage look by using French words. They’re a fun idea and lend an air of mystery to the hair colour. For example, if you want to go for a sophisticated look but are worried about how your hair colour would turn out, then you could opt for a French word. It’s the perfect compliment to the beautiful colour of balayage. French words are usually used on top of the colour but you can also use them as a finishing touch on the ends.

A great tip that hair colourists all over the world use is to pick up a French baguette pin and use it like a comb. All you do is add a little French glue to the end of the baguettes and lift them up to make a French twist. This foiling technique makes a striking final touch and is super easy to do. So next time you feel like changing things up and you’re stuck for inspiration, give balayage a try.